Tedies are out there

 Dilys and Kevin Bond

Welcome to our  web site, we will be showing photos of our past and new trips, in the UK and Europe

This is ongoing so please bear with me still learning

Their will be a family page, needing a password.

We took part in the Lady Rally 2010, to raise money for MS, doing 11 countries in 9 days.

We were Teddy Bears Picnic, in a D3 Trixie see photos in albums.

We are now on Facebook

 We have now done Convoy for Heroes in 2011 and 2012.

We no longer hold the World Record South Africa done it with 1001 motors.

Longest Land Rover Procession 348 in the UK

We have done some trips to Europe, Croatia The Netherlands France 

Have added two of our vehicles, one is a Land Rover Camper, ongoing project, the other is a replacement for our Discovery 3 motability car going back end of January 2013.  Which is a Discover 1 V8 with PLG,  just renewing brakes and bearings for MOT. Also now have another Discovery 1, with a 200tdi 1989 one of the first 3 door models

Sasha now gone also the V8 gone.

New motor is a Discovery 1 200tdi 1989 G610 WAC

Contact us email kevindilysbond@hotmail.co.uk



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